Weekend Diversions: Mitchell Canyon Trail Running
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Weekend Diversions: Mitchell Canyon Trail Running

Weekend Diversions: Mitchell Canyon Trail Running

I am down in the Bay Area this weekend visiting family and thought it would be fun to get out and do one of the old trail runs that I loved when I lived here.

To my astonishment when I left to run at 8am this morning it was already 80 degrees. California and much of the Western United States is in the middle of a heat wave but it is still jarring to wake up with this kind of heat instead of the normal coolness left after the retreating fog.

So it was a hot morning run but still beautiful and a good way to start the morning.

Mt Diablo, with Eagle Peak in the foreground
Mitchell Rock, that is a fun hike but not the best trail for a run
It was nice to get some shade from the oak trees
If you're in the area this is a great trail to run, a nice dirt road where you don't have to worry about the rocks jumping out to trip you
On my way out the rangers changed the sign to close the park. I am glad I didn't get into trouble.
The golden hills of the golden state

If anyone is ever in the East Bay, I would recommend hikes on Mt. Diablo but if you want to do the full loop (I only went out a mile and a half into the park because I wanted to keep my total to just 5 miles this morning) you'll want to leave really early or go during a much cooler season.

Mitchell Creek to Diablo Summit
Please note that the visitor center is currently closed due to COVID-19. This is a difficult yet rewarding hike to the summit of Mt. Diablo. Be prepared for lots of elevation change and hot temperatures. Begin at the Mitchell Canyon Staging Area and take Mitchell Canyon Trail to Meridian Ridge Tra…

It is going to be a hot week and I will be enjoying some beers now.