Transfer Analysis: Darwin Núñez to Liverpool
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Transfer Analysis: Darwin Núñez to Liverpool

An exciting prospect with a big price tag.
Transfer Analysis: Darwin Núñez to Liverpool

Liverpool have completed one of the biggest transfer signings of the early transfer window, completing the deal for Darwin Núñez from Benfica.

Nunez's stats are very good with a profile that seems well suited to Liverpool, he has played as center forward but he looks versatile with his ability to play from the left and cut inside.

This makes a lot of sense as a replacement for the likely to depart Sadio Mane

Disregard the pressure data for Nunez, I do not have access to that data for his League play.

His numbers in Portugal look like solid comps to come close to replicating what Mane did for Liverpool. All that being said this is far from a slam dunk type move without risk, especially at the level of the total investment that Liverpool are committing here with the fee, contract length, and wages.

Liverpool have earned some benefit of the doubt so let's see what the stats say about their newest player.

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