Stats Scouting: William Saliba
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Stats Scouting: William Saliba

Stats Scouting: William Saliba
I will be back with Arsenal. I have played zero matches and I still want to show them my true face and have the chance to play for these fans and this great club. - William Saliba

There has been a lot of speculation about Willam Saliba and his future at Arsenal. Saliba went a good way to quieting a bunch of that chatter with his interview last week with Téléfoot.

This doesn't fully assuage my concern that he never has a meaningful impact to Arsenal (still only two years on his contract so it really is peak sell or extend time) but it does seem likely that we will get to see him pull on an Arsenal shirt, at least in this preseason and hopefully more this year.

We have all probably seen that he was named the Young Player of the Season in Ligue 1 but how do his stats look and how does he play. We will go to the stats and break it down.

We will start with the radar and the caveat that for centerbacks, stats are not always the best and describe what happened (not necessarily if something was good or bad) and how a player/team plays.

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