Stats Scouting: Raphinha
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Stats Scouting: Raphinha

Stats Scouting: Raphinha

The links of Raphinha moving from Leeds United to Arsenal are pretty strong with growing reports that this is a serious possibility for Arsenal.

Arsenal set to intensify efforts to sign Raphinha
Arsenal are set to intensify their efforts to sign winger Raphinha from Leeds United next week, The Athletic understands. Further conversations are believed...

Raphinha looks to be an interesting target, and one that was drawing interest from multiple teams but with Chelsea looking to favor Raheem Sterling, Tottenham favoring Richarlison, and Barcelona favoring bringing back Ousmane Dembélé it looks like Arsenal are the last contenders where he is the first choice.

With this rumor looking like a much bigger possibility it seems prudent to take a deep dive into the stats on the player to see what they say about Arsenal's potential new winger.

Right off the bat, Raphinha looks like what you would expect from a good wide attacking player. This is backed up with his radars and crab cake charts:

The radar is a bit underwhelming, but I think this really helps illustrate that he is a good player and not an elite player. His overall stats dashboard paints a similar picture, with good stats in most categories but nothing that jumps out as an 'elite' skill.

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