Stats Scouting: Marquinhos
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Stats Scouting: Marquinhos

Stats Scouting: Marquinhos

Fabrizio Romano isn't quite David Ornstein levels of reliable on Arsenal transfers but he is still trustworthy enough that I feel comfortable spending some time doing some stats scouting of Arsenal's first potential signing of the summer.

Let's start with the radar:

Marqunihos got 21 appearances last season for Sao Paulo but didn't get a ton of actual minutes ending with just 774 total minutes. He also only had 5 starts with none of those leading to a full 90 minutes. Given his age that isn't a huge surprise but I think it should also temper some of the immediate expectations for what he could do moving from Brazil to England.

He might hit the ground running and earn more minutes but my initial expectations for Marqunihos at Arsenal is that this is a low-risk signing for the future and he will probably start with the under 23 team.

That is still exciting and let's dig into what the stats say about him.

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