Stats Scouting: Fábio Vieira
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Stats Scouting: Fábio Vieira

Stats Scouting: Fábio Vieira

Arsenal are reportedly signing Fábio Vieira, with the finalization of medicals all that is left.

This was a deal that has come out of the blue (so much fun when that happens) as you get all the build-up of a transfer move squeezed into a couple of hours compared to where things are drawn out during a transfer saga.

I will be 100 percent upfront in that I am writing this based solely on stats, I will need to do a bunch more video watching to get a better sense of him, and hopefully, there will be an ArsenalVision scouting video to help with that coming soon but I wanted to get some initial information out before I go on vacation next week.

So the first place I like to start is with the radar(s):

I have both the midfield and attacking midfield templates here because he plays a bit of both. He played 50% of his minutes in midfield, 35% in attacking midfield, and 15% as a forward. He looks a lot like a modern hybrid player able to do a bit of everything but basically, a creative midfielder is how I would describe him based on his statistical profile.

Here are the crab cakes that compare him on a percentile basis to the two different position groups:

Going forward I am going to compare him to midfielders but take that with a grain of salt as he played quite a bit further forward than a typical midfielder.

So let's get into a bit more how the detailed stats describe his style of play.

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