Stats Scouting: Douglas Luiz
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Stats Scouting: Douglas Luiz

Stats Scouting: Douglas Luiz

Arsenal are close to signing or maybe have signed but at a minimum have made several bids for Douglas Luiz from Aston Villa.

With this, it is time to look at what the stats say about this player.

The radar screams out just okay and looking at his crab cakes again looks like a player that is good but not great at most stats.

Luiz is a player that for basically every stat he lands roughly in the 40th to 70th percentile for basically every stat. He doesn’t really have a weakness but he also doesn’t really have any massive strengths either.

Compared to Arsenal’s midfielders last season his stats on the deeplying playmaker template show him slightly better than Mohamed Elneny and Sambi Lokonga but worse than Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka.

Doing a quick comparison of Luiz and Elneny you can see that they are similar players in that they do a bit of everything but maybe a bit better at most things.

If the idea is that he is a younger and slightly better Elneny I think that this is a fine move, with the ability to revise my opinion on how this looks when the total value committed is more available.

Next, let’s dig into his stats at a more granular level.


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