Stats Scouting: Arthur
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Stats Scouting: Arthur

Checking how Arthur looks as a potential fit in Arsenal's midfield.
Stats Scouting: Arthur

A lot of the current Arsenal rumors are revolving around Dusan Vlhaovic and while I would like to spend more time digging into that I will wait until that is a bit more solid. Instead, I want to look at what is a more pressing issue, an emergency loan signing of a midfielder.

I have already written about how being in this situation exposed some poor planning so I won't retread over that.

Jack Wilshere on a short-term deal? The question exposes Arsenal’s lack of planning
The Wilshere we remember is gone and even considering bringing him back exposes Arsenal’s poor summer planning.

Arsenal have been linked with a number of players (including some I looked at in my rating system as players that poped) but the one that seems to be the most realistic right now is Arthur from Juventus.

Stats Scouting: Central Midfield
Arsenal have let Ainsley Maitland-Niles go to Roma on a loan, Thomas Partey and Mohamed Elneny away for the African Cup of Nations, Granit Xhaka is out for at least the very short term with COVID. Arsenal are very short in numbers in central midfield. I had already thought that

I have had a passing curiosity in Arthur since he was part of the weird transfer profit shenanigans where Barcelona and Juventus did a swap with Miralem Pjanic at fees that were pretty out of whack. I thought it was bizarre mostly because Arthur seemed like a good promising player that Barcelona were giving up on too early. Since making the move Arthur has continued to struggle with injury and getting consistent playing time.

This season he has spent a lot of time recovering from surgery and generally been low on the depth chart, so he has made just four appearances. With that few of minutes, I am going to pretty much disregard this season's stats and look instead to the season's before. This is what the stats look like but it comes with a big "SMALL SAMPLE SIZE" warning label.

What interests me more is how he looked for the previous seasons.

Looking at this, I see a player that looks solid to above average. The next stats dashboard is something that was originally designed for looking at attacking players so it isn't perfect for a midfielder (something I would like to spend more time thinking about and I am open for updates tweaks if anyone has any suggestions) but I think does help highlight areas that he is good in.

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