I made an appearance on the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast with Elliot (@yankeegunner) and Paul (@poznaninmypants).

We discussed the drab loss at Aston Villa. (PFFFFT) I did try to write up some on this for Arseblog news in the by the numbers but man it was hard to find things to say.

After questioning a few performances and the setup overall, the group tries to answer the question of how Arteta can get this group to dominate small teams more easily and create more chances.

My thought is that I think that Arteta has done well to shore up the open play defense it has certainly come at the expense of attack. A lot of the problem for this match is that Arsenal's squad is badly built where when roatation happens there just isn't enough players to create a working attack.

Lucas Torreira data from football slices. He isn't much of an attacking force and I think Paul was overrating what he cabable of giving Arsenal. 

After that discussion and a focus on the midfield, there’s a look ahead to the FA Cup Final (OH GOD AM I NERVOUS FOR THIS). Listen on all your favorite places: