New Contracts for Eddie Nketiah and Mohamed Elneny
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New Contracts for Eddie Nketiah and Mohamed Elneny

New Contracts for Eddie Nketiah and Mohamed Elneny

Arsenal have reportedly agreed to a new deal with Eddie Nketiah and have announced the new deal for Mohamed Elneny. With these deals, Arsenal have secured players that were on the verge of becoming free agents and sorted out a bit of the business to fill out the depth chart.

Let's do some analysis on these deals to get an idea of how this fits within the team.

Mohamed Elneny

Let's start with what I think is the more controversial re-signing in Elneny.

Elneny is basically the definition of a "fine" player. He doesn't do a lot wrong but he also isn't a player that is a "match-winner." His style is safe and secure, and one that revolves around him not making mistakes that will hurt the team.

I don't think that is the wrong way to go about things for a player that is a backup, he also seems to be good at implementing whatever it is the coach wants.

All that being said, he is still a player that if you had the choice you wouldn't want to choose to start and you kind of dread seeing him in the starting eleven because you know what you're going to see.

And what you are going to see is a high volume of safe passes (not nearly as backward as his reputation tho) completed at a high rate.

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