Is Saka making THE LEAP?
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Is Saka making THE LEAP?

Bukayo Saka is a player with the potential to be a star, but he is just a star now?
Is Saka making THE LEAP?

I look at Bukayo Saka's radar for the season and feel like it is missing things. When I watch Arsenal he is, and has been, Arsenal's best player this season. Part of that probably is down to the radar style, especially with attacking players where the best can be quite a ways better than the simply "good" players.

If we instead look at his "Crab Cake" that matches better with what I have seen from him.

Another thing to remember, and one that was the basis for this analysis was that is performance level has not been static, in fact over the last 11 matches it has been outstanding.

Below are the radars for the first part of the season (through Everton, left Radar) and from the most recent part of the season (from Southampton through Leciester, right radar).

The difference, especially in attacking output is massive. So let's take a look at how things and his role has changed.

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