How Good is Gabriel Magalhães at Passing?
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How Good is Gabriel Magalhães at Passing?

How Good is Gabriel Magalhães at Passing?

This week this video was circulating on twitter and sparked a question for me, just how good is Gabriel Magalhães at passing?

It is really easy to highlight a player's best passing in a less than three-minute clip because almost every Premier League player is in reality a good passer when given time and space, especially compared to players from lower levels.

Where the best passers separate themselves is that they see passes that others don't, have the confidence and ability to try them, and complete them at a higher rate.

So today, let's go through and try to put Gabriel's passing stats in context and try to answer the question of how good his passing actually is.

The best place to start is at the highest level using the standard passing dashboard set of stats.

His most common pass is square followed by the pass that goes out to the left sideline, typically to the left back or midfielder. Overall he is sitting at about 50% of his passes aimed forward.

A 50% forward rate is on the lower end for center backs but it also doesn't necessarily point to a player that is not a good ball playing centerback. The other centerbacks that will be in contention for starting minutes for Arsenal are not far off of this, Ben White goes forward a bit more often and William Saliba a bit less often.

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