Arsenal Vision Analytics Pod - The Clive Crossover Edition
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Arsenal Vision Analytics Pod - The Clive Crossover Edition

Talking Arsenal with Clive Palmer is a lot of fun.

I had the pleasure of being joined by Clive Palmer (@ClivePAFC) on the Arsenal Vision Analytics Podcast.

This was an episode that was highly requested and one that I was very happy to have the chance to record. Clive is a person that when he talks about soccer that always gets me thinking about different things and gets me thinking about different ways of looking at the data.

The main focus of the pod is looking at Arsenal's buildup.

Arsenal and their buildup towards goal
Arsenal’s top-line attacking numbers are not good, but there are signs in how they progress the ball that they are getting better.

It was actually a discussion with Clive that led to me writing this and I was very happy to then be able to have a longer discussion with him about it especially Arsenal's use of zone 14 and the half spaces.

It was also great to talk about where Arsenal fit into current Premier League table. Arsenal look like they can be anywhere from a bottom half to top four contender depending on what metrics you look at and I wanted to get his take on where Arsenal fit within this messy middle.

Lastly we touched briefly on the striker situation, the dream of just being able to combine Aubameyang and Lacazette. Seriosuly if you get the best of what both do it would be a really good player.

The last discussion is about would be the ideal type of player for Arteta. This is something that will turn into a bigger post down the road.