Arsenal Loan Watch: August 2022
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Arsenal Loan Watch: August 2022

Arsenal Loan Watch: August 2022

It is the first edition of the Arsenal loan watch for the 2022-23 season.

I go through and pull up the stats for each Arsenal player on loan (that I have stats for their league) and post their radars and use it as a time to try and catch up with how they are doing so far.

Because it is just a handful of matches it is a good reminder that the sample for drawing conclusions is not enough and that you really want to see into 1,000 plus minutes to get a meaningful idea of what their statistics mean.

For this I am going to limit to players that have appeared in at least three matches because anything less than that is really pushing my ability to deal with small sample sizes.

Alright, let's get into it.

Folarin Balogun - Reims

Balogun has been on fire to start his Ligue 1 career.

He has 5 goals already (3 non-penalty) which is behind only Neymar and Mbappe. Even more encouraging is that his overall numbers look very impressive so far this season.

He very likely won't continue to have nearly a goal and assist per 90 all season but it sure would be really cool if he did, regardless you couldn't ask for a better start to a player going out on loan. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Nuno Tavares - Marseille

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